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My own words...
I don’t know how different it is to write your own bio but like everything else I do in life or music, I follow my instincts.  Music has always been about passion.
Whether playing with my band or doing solo gigs, It’s about people and passion.
I love to sing in English, Italian or Spanish. Each language has it’s own unique characteristics and takes me to different places mentally and musically.
 I can only hope to transfer what I'm feeling to the audience. Only then I will have accomplished what singers/musicians set out to do. Connecting emotions with an audience and uplifting the human spirit is what inspires me the most. Music is truly a gift from above. I've always believed the power of music is one of life’s best medicines.

I was born in Rome Italy in 1966 and my parents moved to Rochester NY when I was 2.
I began singing and playing piano at 5. Doing both at the same time felt really natural to me. I took lessons at the Eastman school of music from the ages of 10-18, coinciding with lessons from local jazz greats Fred Costello and Joey Santora(Cabo Frio) . I also played a lot of classical, pop, rock, latin and jazz tunes over the years with great musicians. There is so much to learn from each genre. I made sure to take time and explore each style to enhance my musical awareness and life experiences.
My first band was formed at age 14 and I have been in one ever since.
Playing and singing at piano bars is my main gig and I also perform live concerts with my band.

I currently have a family which truly inspires me to be the best I can be. My family is my rock and it also gives me plenty of life experiences to write about.
I’m currently enjoying the perfect balance of love, family life and music. I hope the music that I've written and performed can be an inspiration to all. . . . . .


 6-8pm@Lovin Cup with Live Band

Bass- Don Torpy

Guitar- Vinnie Ruggiero

Drums- Fabian Provenza

Sax- Bill Tiberio

Vocals - Julie Dellario

              Sofia Amadio