BAND For April 22nd

Steve Curry-Drums

Don Torpy-Bass

Tony Padilla-Percussion

Vinnie Ruggiero-Guitar

Bob Viavattine-Trumpet

Bill Tiberio - Sax

Brian Eggleston-Keyboards

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My own words...
I don’t know how different it is to write your own bio but like everything else I do  in life or music, I do it my way. I didn’t want to have a huge list of accomplishments or name dropping to impress everyone. Music is about passion.
Whether playing in the band or doing my solo gigs, It’s about people and passion.
I love to sing in English, Italian or Spanish. Each language has it’s own unique characteristics and takes me to a different place mentally and musically.
 I can only hope to convey what I feel to the audience. Only then will I have done what singers/musicians set out to do. Inspiring others to feel good about life, love or even bring back  precious memories, is a true gift from above.
I've always believed the power of music is one of life’s best medicines.

I was born in Rome Italy in 1966 and my parents moved to upstate NY at the age of 2.
I started singing and playing piano at 5. I took lessons at the Eastman school of music from the ages of 10-18, coinciding with lessons from local jazz greats and played  a lot of pop and rock tunes as early as I can remember.
My first band was formed at age 16 and I have been in one ever since.
Playing and singing at piano bars is my main gig and do larger venues with the band “UNLIMITED”.

I currently have a family which truly inspires me to be the best I can be and gives me plenty of life experiences to write about.
I’m currently enjoying the perfect balance of Love , Life and Music and I hope my music can be an inspiration to all. . . . . .

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